About Warwick

Chamber of Trade

Warwick Chamber of Trade exists for, and is run by, the businesses of Warwick. We have a representation on many bodies that affect the commercial and residential life of the town.


We are committed to work for the good of the town as a whole and work closely with the various local councils and maintain close links with local residents and their associations.

Why join the Warwick Chamber of Trade?

Benefits for members:


* COT website listing *

* Representation on local, county *
& district discussion


* Networking & social events *

* Social media posts promoting business *

to wider Warwickshire population

* Advisory support on local & legal matters *

Ready to join?


Contact us via email:

Or write to:
Warwick Chamber of Trade
The Court House
Jury Street

CV34 4EW


Chamber of Trade

Document & Info Hub 

This area is for our members and contains agendas, documents and resources for Warwick based businesses.

The Chamber of Trade Committee

Here is our executive committee:

Susan Butcher

(Chairperson) of Torry’s Hardware

Peter Knell

(Deputy Chair)

Maggie Garton


Mandy Littlejohn

of Fenetres Etcetera

Mog & Pauline Harris

of Warwick Books


of Warwick Castle


of Warwick Racecourse