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#BuyIn2Warwick is a campaign from the Chamber of Trade. It has been established with the aim of promoting local businesses, attractions and events while increasing footfall into the town and enhancing the local economy. By using social media, we share Warwick's stories and promote shops, restaurants, service providers, attractions and events. We would love you to get involved whether you are a local business, resident or visitor.


Support Local

BuyIn2Warwick promotes businesses, events and attractions so that there is awareness of the treasures that Warwick has to offer

Go Green

Environmental awareness is an important aspect to the BuyIn2Warwick campaign. We work with community groups to reduce single use plastic and improve our local environment

Get Involved

BuyIn2Warwick isn't only about retailers or Chamber of Trade members, we encourage all businesses and organisations to engage with us.

Get Involved With #BuyIn2Warwick

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You can find BuyIn2Warwick on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Share Your News & Stories

By tagging @BuyIn2Warwick and using the hashtag #BuyIn2Warwick you can promote your posts to a wider audience! We share a wide variety of events, promotions, special offers and news stories free of charge.


Help A Local Business

How you can support local

Warwick has many independent businesses, events and groups - by attending or spending with them, it helps to secure their future.


If you have found a shop that you really love, had amazing customer service at an attraction, pub or restaurant tell your friends. Recommendations to other potential customers is the best advertising!

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