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Luxury Hairdressing Salon located on the High Street Warwick. Opened 2010.


Nashwhite Details

Address: The Heist House, 5-7 High Street, Warwick, CV34 4AP

Telephone: +44 (0)1926 409586

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About Nashwhite

The Nashwhite journey began here, in the very heart of Warwick. Step inside The Heist House and enjoy the welcoming and lounge-like vibe our clients love. Grab a delicious coffee and cake while you wait for your hair appointment or relax with one of our yoga classes. We’ll leave you to discover the rest.

Cuts, that look grown, touchable finishes, natural, not neutral colours, laidback luxury and design-led destinations are just some of our trademarks. We like to call it hair(un)dressing.

With a nod to classic beauty and an eye on today, we believe that seriously good hair should look beautiful with very little effort. It should move in all the right places be tastefully colourful and look as good in front of your mirror as it does in our salons.


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