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Guy of Warwick Pub and Kitchen

Historic pub and restaurant in Warwick, serving steakhouse favourites, delicious curries and a wide selection of drinks.


A knight represents Guy of Warwick with a sword on his right hand and a shield on his left hand, fighting a beast. Text in black on a green background reads 'The Guy of Warwick Pub and Kitchen'

The Guy of Warwick Pub and Kitchen Details

Address: 6 Castle Street, Warwick, CV34 4JB

Telephone: +44 (0) 01926 496511

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About The Guy of Warwick Pub and Kitchen

Warwick’s only steakhouse offering locally sourced gourmet burgers, steak cooked exactly to your liking and seasonal salads. 

Having successfully retained the exquisite chef from Jambavan, The Guy of Warwick Pub and Kitchen continues to delight both existing and new customers with mouthwatering, authentic curries. And for those of you who can’t decide which curry to choose – why not sample our Tiffin box, a little bit of something to tickle those taste buds.

Our lovely food can be washed down with real ales, the finest lagers, not to mention one of the best selection of gins and fine wines in town.

Our collaboration with the ‘Guy of Warwick Society’ seeks to immerse both locals and visitors in the rich tapestry of Warwick’s past, celebrating the legendary figure of Guy of Warwick.

In our cellar, the underground tunnels lead to the heart of the castle where legends were once born. So, come on in, pull up a chair, make yourself cosy; grab a pint and a bite and let us take you back in time….

A bar counter in dark wood located in The Guy of Warwick Pub and Kitchen showing beer on tap and a selection of gins on the back wall.


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