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LRM HR Consultancy Ltd

LRM HR Consultancy work across the Midlands to provide practical, jargon-free HR advice and guidance to SMEs.


LRM HR Consultancy Details

Address: Stratford Road, Warwick

Telephone: +44 (0)7712 052403

About LRM HR Consultancy Ltd

LRM HR Consultancy work with SMEs at all stages of the business life cycle, providing practical and general HR advice and guidance, and offering pragmatic solutions. By using the services of LRM HR Consulting, you can have your own expert on-hand when dealing with issues such as poor attendance, unacceptable conduct or unsatisfactory performance to ensure that you lessen the risks involved.

We also undertake HR projects such as auditing your HR processes to ensure compliance; preparing or revising staff handbooks, template contracts of employment, HR policies and procedures; we also provide training for line managers in various HR procedures such as how to follow a disciplinary procedure. We provide a flexible HR service to support our clients in supporting their team members.

Liz Rogers-Mills, HR Consultant and Founder of the company has over 30 years' experience working in HR.


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